Something good is happening to Moducase

Dear customers and friends,

We are super stoked to announce some major updates to Moducase. But firstly, let’s recap on how it all started; as collectors ourselves, we realized that there simply weren’t enough quality display cases designed for our hobby and passion.

From ‘Painted Rocks’ to 12-inch Action Figures (NOT dolls!) and elaborate Death Star Lego builds, only we, the collectors, know the TRUE value of our passion while quietly wishing that our spouses will never find out. But hell yeah, we know that our loving collection deserves the best showcase – all the better to brag on Facebook and Instagram!

Since the launch of our first Moducase unit in 2019, we’ve had immense support from collectors. As of 2022, we’ve grown to a modest 21, from a humble 4-man team. However, with the growth also came growing pains. Along with the shipping woes caused by the pandemic, our manual production couldn’t keep up with the increased demand and our fulfillment speed became less than desirable.

Our dear friends, we hear you and we are truly sorry to those who are still waiting. We have been working hard to make things better and we’ve prepared some sneak peaks behind the scenes.

To resolve our production issues, we have designed our own Robotic Assembly Arms, a Gundam dream of ours, and will start operating in September 2022, increasing speed of production by an estimated 60%.

To help expand our production capabilities, we are opening our new flagship factory in Singapore of over 35,000 sq ft. With automation and increased production space, we are aiming to reduce the current fulfilment time from 9 months to 4 months. Apart from increased production facilities, our flagship factory will feature several showroom inspirations on how to create your dream mancave or gaming haven. New innovative prototypes of next gen display cases will also be available for in-store experience. Our chill out drinks bar and rooftop BBQ is also a safe haven for all collectors who have been kicked out by their spouses.

As collectors, we believe that superheroes are important and we are excited to share that we’ve enlisted some new team mates, CK (Our own version of Tony Stark) and Bryan Tan (Some random advisor guy). They will be helping us create more innovative and finer products to enjoy our hobby to the fullest. We are also working on simplifying the building process of our cases as well as improving the building guide. We can’t wait to show everyone some of the cool features for our display units – here’s a sneak peak at a secret project below!

We’ve also come to believe our job doesn’t just stop at providing the best display cases for collectors. We don’t want to just build display cases, we want to help collectors build their ideal world. By forming partnerships with brands like Sideshow Collectibles, we are planning to bring in more cool stuff that helps collectors create their dream hobby sanctuaries. From the display cases, to what’s inside the cases, to what’s outside the cases such as art prints or even special coffee tables, we would love to help collectors create their dream hobby space.

With all the exciting things coming soon, we are very proud to unveil our new evolved brand, logo and website – Moduspace. This new brand reflects our mission to extend beyond cases and build modular spaces for all collectors.

We’d like to take this chance to thank all our customers and friends for being patient and incredibly supportive – you guys rock! We haven’t been the quickest but as you can see from our plans, we are putting in serious elbow grease to improve.

Our brand may have evolved, but our initial goal will always remain at the heart of our Moduspace ; We will commit ourselves to delivering our best to everyone, so please keep your suggestions and feedback coming.

Thank you all for sticking with us and we promise not to disappoint.

With love and passion,